Welcome to the May issue of RESILIENT HEALTH!

Welcome to the May issue of RESILIENT HEALTH! May is Mental Health Month. The 2018 focus is on “what we as individuals can do to be fit for our own futures–no matter where we happen to be on our own personal journeys to health and wellness” ( After all, we can’t talk about human health […]


Brain Wellness Part I: Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology Essentials

The human brain is a remarkable organ with capacities that are still not fully understood. Only over the past few decades has it become clear that brain cells can and do regenerate and form new connections throughout a person’s lifetime. This capacity allows the brain to recover in whole or in part after injury from […]

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Is Addiction A Mental Illness?

Addiction is a brain disease, but it’s not typically treated as one. Why? What makes addiction different from a mental illness? Is addiction different from a mental illness in the first place? To address this question, it may help to review some of the similarities and differences between addiction and mental illnesses. Similarities Between Mental […]

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Land of the Free and Depressed : The cost of depression in America

America, the land with the freedom to pursue happiness, isn’t exactly happy. Americans are stressed, burned out and depressed. We spend more time at work and less time on vacation than people in  other Western countries, which may contribute to the tremendous depression statistics. It’s no surprise that depression affects approximately 15 million American adults, […]

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