Happy New Year and welcome to the inaugural issue of RESILIENT HEALTH. We are thrilled to bring you this new monthly publication chock-full of informative articles, interviews and perspectives on mental health and substance use issues. The magazine will also offer patient stories, quizzes, fast facts and a section for your comments and other general feedback. This first issue focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of borderline ...


UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL : Dave’s Brave Journey – From Borderline Personality Disorder and Alcoholism to Recovey

I was born David Theodore Monroe IV, a fancy name for a poor child. David Theodore Monroe III left my mother and I when I was just a few months old. Mom remarried and they bought a house in Fallbrook, California. Mom had two more children, a boy then a girl. My stepfather also had […]

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Personality Disorders: A Brief Primer

A personality disorder is a mental condition characterized by rigid and unhealthy thought patterns that negatively impact a person’s social encounters and behavior. People with personality disorders may have difficulties at work, school or home. They may also have trouble maintaining healthy relationships.     Clinicians have divided personality disorders into three clusters: Cluster A […]

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Professional Perspectives: The Connection Between Drug Abuse and Personality Disorders

The 1970s and ‘80s saw a major expansion of drug use in America. In response, psychosocial researchers aimed to pinpoint the problem behind the increased use and work toward solutions. By studying various characteristics of drug users, including personality and personality disorders, scientists tried to identify which factors promoted risk of addiction and other factors […]

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