Welcome to the April issue of RESILIENT HEALTH!

Welcome to the April issue of RESILIENT HEALTH! Alcohol Awareness Month is celebrated all this month; it was founded by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence with the goal of reducing the stigma of this very serious disease by encouraging communities to reach out to and educate the public about alcoholism and recovery.


Measurement-Based Care Improves Treatment Outcomes

Measurement-based care, the practice of collecting patients’ feedback as clinical data to guide treatment, is the key element in evidence-based and collaborative care. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has acknowledged the utility of measurement-based care in treating mental disorders as an evidence-based practice, and the Joint Commission has made it the standard […]

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Treating Depression with Measurement-Based Care

Advances in health care and recent data from research provide a steady stream of clinically-validated and evidence-based treatment methods for behavioral health professionals that were previously not available. As time progresses, newer treatment procedures and practices keep evolving, yielding scientifically-proven, patient-facing treatments. Measurement-based care (MBC) is one such treatment approach that is gaining ground globally […]

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Depression and Anxiety: Two Conditions That Go Hand in Hand

A constant feeling of uneasiness along with intrusive and undesirable thoughts that cause sweaty palms and a hazy sense of an impending catastrophe are some of the ways in which anxiety disorders manifest. Such symptoms are also present in individuals struggling with depressive disorders. Both anxiety and depression are often entwined, according to a study […]

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